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Deanna Andes is a true purveyor of style: from her work as a costume designer for film and theatre to her dedication as a private stylist. Her personal philosophy and professional inspiration are drawn from a lifelong commitment to fashion, individuality, and the art of storytelling.


Deanna’s passion for styling and costuming began at a very young age when she started dressing other young students at school for skits and plays in San Antonio, Texas where she was born and raised. It was after she received her B.F.A. in Journalism from the University of Houston she worked in the electronic media field at NBC that Deanna decided to continue her education. Deanna added to her degree and studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology School Professional Studies for both styling & costuming. 


Since then, she has dedicated herself to the craft of costume design and styling for film, commercial advertising, and theatre What makes Deanna’s work different is her ability to understand the nuances and textures of various materials in addition to the knowledge and expertise in costume design. Deanna’s work has led to multiple national commercials, films, billboards, and in-house training. Deanna’s work gives her ability to nurture her own passion for fabric, color, and design while instilling a sense of confidence, ownership, and originality in every actor and private client she dresses. 

Deanna currently resides on Long Island, New York with her husband and their four children.

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Photographers I have worked with

Kent Pell

David Needleman

Lena Shkoda

Michael Fine

Madison Fender

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